For Elysa


Elysa Louise Rojas is a sweet, bright and beautiful little girl who was taken from our earth far too soon as a result of Viral Myocarditis.  Over the course of very routine-looking childhood illness, Elysa's condition took a turn for the worse.  Less than 9 hours into medical intervention in the ER and PICU, Elysa's heart suddenly went into an irreversible arrythmia.  Healthcare providers had never considered Elysa's heart to be a cause for her illness and were absolutely shocked when her heart suddenly stopped functioning.  Her family and friends were left with so many questions, completely heartbroken and  wondering how this could happen to the healthy little girl who brought so much joy and sunshine to their lives.  This foundation is dedicated to improving Education, providing Light and promoting Research to help train and educate physicians and families in order to prevent another tragic outcome like Elysa's. 

The 3 basic tenets of our organization are derived from Elysa's initials:

Education:  improving education of healthcare providers and the community about Viral Myocarditis and other causes of pediatric sudden cardiac arrest 
Light:  providing light and hope to other children and families affected by pediatric cardiac conditions

Research:  promoting and funding research in the field of Viral Myocarditis and enhancing diagnosis and treatment of myocarditis and related cardiac conditions

German Sferra of the wrote a beautiful story about our family and mission to help raise awareness of myocarditis and sudden cardiac arrest as well as provide for research and support of individuals and families affected by this condition.  To read more, please click  here